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    New Zealand flash floods leave tourists stranded

    뉴질랜드의 갑작스러운 홍수로 여행객들이 좌초되다




    Torrential rain and flash flooding in the south of New Zealand has left many tourists stranded.

    > 뉴질랜드 남부의 폭우와 갑작스러운 홍수로 많은 관광객들이 좌초되었다.


    Many hikers were evacuated from Fiordland by helicopter on Tuesday, but heavy rain meant rescue effort for those trapped in Milford Sound was put on hold.

    > 화요일에 많은 등산객들이 헬리콥터를 통해 Fiordland에서 대피하였지만, 폭우로 인해 Milford Sound에 갇힌 이들에 대한 구조는 지연되고 있다.


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    Hundreds of people have been left stranded in New Zealand after torrential rain caused flash flooding in Fiordland.

    > 수백명이 폭우로 인한 갑작스러운 홍수로 뉴질랜드 Fiordland에 좌초되었다.

    The area is popular with tourists, some of whom had to be rescued.

    > 이 지역은 관광객들에게 인기가 많은 곳이며, 관광객 중 일부가 구조되었다.

    Bad weather has hampered rescue efforts for the remaining tourists.

    > 악천후로 잔류 관광객 구조가 지연되고 있다.


    (Interviewee) The river that I got stopped at and was rescued at, that river I don't even remember seeing on the way in it must've been a small creek.

    > 제가 구조된 강은 그 전에 본 적이 없었습니다. 아마 원래는 작은 냇물이었을 겁니다.

    But it was extremely fast flowing.

    > 그러나 그 강은 엄청난 급류를 이루고 있었어요.


    (Interviewee) There was a bit of rain and then it just eased off, but it just kept coming and coming.

    > 비가 다소 내리다가 완화되었지만, 쉬지 않고 계속 내렸어요.



    (Interviewee) Tomorrow we've got a break in the weather, and we're looking at tomottow might be the day we bring them out.

    > 내일은 폭우가 잠잠해질 것으로 보여, 남은 관광객들을 구하러 갈 수 있을 것으로 예상하고 있습니다.




    1. flash flood : (phr.) a rapid flood

    2. torrential : (a.) used to refer to very heavy rain

    3. stranded : (a.) lacking what is necessary to leave a place or to get out of a situation

    4. evacuate : (v.) to move people from a dangerous place to somewhere safe:

    5. put on hold : (v.) to postpone something

    6. hamper : (v.) to prevent someone doing something easily

    7. ease off : (phr.) to gradually stop or become less






    Flash flooding leaves tourists stranded in NZ

    Bad weather in the south of the country has hampered rescue efforts with hundreds still awaiting rescue.



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